Over It - EP

by Resolute

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released July 19, 2015



all rights reserved


Resolute St Louis, Missouri

Saint Louis, MO

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Track Name: O.N.U.C.
One nation under control, we let the profit motive consume us whole.
From decisions we make to the lives we take,
the monetary system takes its toll.

We bought the dream, but the dream was a lie.
Forever in debt until the day that we die.
Our American existence is only to serve.
Not our own, just the business that earns.

Do what they want.
Blinded by greed.
Rather than satisfy human need.

Chained to our ways with no will to change.
Nothing more than a slave for a wage.
Without question, you do what they tell you.
Work to the bone just to buy what they sell you.
Money is power.
We fight with each other while they hide like cowards.
They need a scapegoat, they point to the poor.
They take it all, but still want more.
This world is dying, the end is in sight.
Knowing nothing else, we believe that it's right.

It's survival of the richest.
Shortage spreads like a sickness.
Crime rates rise, the deprived will no longer abide.
Force the hand of a broken man.
Only driven by the will to survive.

These motherfucking snakes with ill intentions.
Stealing and killing, but never questioned.
How much more are we going to take?
At what point will society break?

Their will is our fate.
Born into greed in this nation of hate.

We live the dream in the United States.
We have to wake up before it's too late.
Track Name: Over It
Choose a side.
Now blindly follow or swallow your pride.
You seem so sure.
You bought into the lie, but you can't see the facts they hide.
Your life is only what they make it.
You think you know it all, but I can see that you fake it.
You won't think for yourself so you live by the thoughts of someone else.

Who gives a fuck about right or left?
Reality is life or death.

Im over it.
Over your red or blue bullshit.
I'm in the crack of your political split.
I said I'm over it, so why don't you just quit?
You try to fill the gaps, but it just don't fit.
I'm over race, I'm over faith, I'm over all the labels that put us in place.
I'm over hate, I'm over fate, I'm over being the one to carry the weight.

While a few do well through the lies they tell.
You tried to climb up and they watched as you fell. They turned their backs like they always do, but the first one you'll blame is whoever they tell you.

You hate an enemy you've never faced all because of the fear that they put into place.
So scared you'll let them do anything.
Regardless of the pain that they've shown they will bring.

You've closed your mind and there's nothing I can do.
There's 7 billion people that are just fucking like you.
Holding on to values of no value at all.
You speak about progress while they weave lies and stall.

I feel sorry for you, but there's nothing I can do.

When you're tired of the road your on and everything you loved is gone.
Look at the choices you made.
You took the road that they paved.
Track Name: Sanity Shatters
Odds favor the house, but I still roll the dice.
I tried to breakaway, now I'm paying the price.
I know I'm only here so I can be used, but I still play the game cause I got nothing to lose.
Fate in the hands of a world unkind.
I'm losing the game.
I'm losing my mind.

Sanity shatters, forgetting everything that matters.
I try to keep a grip, but my mind is tattered.
I can't shake it, I can't fake it.
I want to pull the trigger, but I never deliver.

Cause that's not what I'm about.
Not the one to take the easy way out.
The further I go, the more that I know this pain in me continues to grow.
Now I can see forever I'll be all alone waiting for Death to fucking take me.

So many years spent believing the lie that if I hold on everything will be fine.

Sinking into the pit, I leave this world of shit only to find myself ready to quit.
How do I cope when I've ran out of hope?
It's harder than I'd like to admit.

I can't see the light, I can't hear a sound.
The weight of living life is dragging me down.
The man you see is nothing more than a shell.
I've locked myself away inside my own hell.

Can't find a way out.
Show me the way out.

You try to teach me, but you can't reach me.
My mind has shut you out, it won't let you breach me.
I need your help, please save me from myself.
My mind has turned me into somebody else.
Track Name: Revelation
I'm ashamed that our story's always been the same.
I'm destroying myself and you're taking the blame.
To see your smile, to feel your touch.
It's been a while since it felt like enough.

You try to hold on while I get it together, but how long can you wait for things to get better?
I'm losing myself so I push you away.
Now when I need you the most, you have nothing to say.

How did this happen?
How could I hurt you?
After the struggles I know that you've been through.
I'm sinking fast and I'm pulling you in.
Breaking us with things I let get under my skin.

Got to find a way to make this right.
The future we saw used to be so bright.
It came and went and I can't find it again.
I lost the light in my life and my closest friend.

I can't replace what time has erased, but I refuse to make the same mistakes.

I've been blind in a rage.
Got to change my ways before my anger makes me whither away.
Can't let my perception get the better of me.
Enslaved by my depression, I just want to be free.

It all keeps building up, every half empty cup.
What I have never feels like enough.
Can't drop the baggage that's left, it's weighing on my chest.
Keeping me from doing what I know is best.
I gotta drop it, but I can't stop it.
Every time I find the good the bad just tops it.
I try and fail, you're ready to bail.

It's too late now, but I can finally see the one to blame for everything is me.

This love was always the answer.
For far too long I've let my anger turn into cancer.
No one can love me if I can't love my life.
The Truth has finally cut through like a knife.
Got to pick up the pieces from the damage I've done.
I've lost a lot to my anger, but I won't lose the one.
Can't fall back into more of the same.
This time I'm gonna need to prove that I've changed.

I have to get you back, whatever the cost.
Life's just a game, without you I know that I lost.